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ISPS HANDA’s support for golf stems from a firm belief in the “power of sport”. Sport has a unique ability to create hope, to break down educational and cultural barriers and to inspire people in a way very little else does. Sport brings people together and unites communities around the world.


Dr Haruhisa Handa is the Founder and Chairman of the International Sports Promotion Society (ISPS Handa). A Japanese philanthropist, he has founded numerous charitable organisations both in Japan and internationally.

He believes that sport has the power to inspire, transform, and unite people and communities across social, racial and socio-economic barriers. He has been passionately supporting blind golf in this aim for almost 30 years.


Blind & Disabled Golf

Excellence in Sports


RT Hon Sir John Key

Former Prime Minister of New Zealand

Enda Kenny

Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland

Peter Phillips

UK Patron & Member of the Royal Family

ISPS Supports

Over recent years ISPS HANDA has supported many global events across blind and disabled, able bodied and other charity and foundation events.