Beyond the Games: The Unconquered Community – Thriving in a Complex and Uncertain World

Beyond the Games: The Unconquered Community – Thriving in a Complex and Uncertain World 900 600 ISPS Handa

The next Invictus Games Foundation virtual ‘Conversation’ entitled ‘Beyond the Games: ‘The Unconquered Community – Thriving in a Complex and Uncertain World’ is taking place on Tuesday, 13 October 2020 – 1400-1600 British Summer Time.

The Invictus Games Foundation (IGF) will conduct the fourth iteration of its ‘Conversation’ series as a webinar on Tuesday, 13 October. It follows on from the first one on 13th May entitled ‘Realising and Sharing the Invictus Spirit’, the second one on 8th July with the National Health Service (NHS) entitled ‘Preparing for Recovery: Learning from the Invictus Games Foundation’; and the third on 30th July entitled ‘the Sustainability of Projects post COVID-19’.

The IGF is once again very grateful for the invaluable continued support of Ascot Rehab, the Fisher House Foundation and ISPS Handa in enabling this iteration of the Conversation.

Scope: This Conversation will be based on demonstrating how the work of the IGF amount to more than the Invictus Games themselves. While the Games are a central component of the Foundation, it is able to support and enable the individual journeys of recovery and rehabilitation of the international Wounded, Injured and Sick community more widely through improving access to sport recovery opportunities and influencing the development of best practice.

Themes: The conversation will explain how the IGF, through its Beyond the Games package of activities, can improve lives through sports recovery and adventurous challenge to build an international active support network that continues to serve. The intent is to share the experiences and best practice of how the WIS, the Participating Nations and the IGF as part of the Unconquered Community have addressed and overcome the challenges of an uncertain world, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout, it will seek to demonstrate both how the Invictus Games Foundation and also the Participating Nations can help and add value to the international Invictus Community.

Audience: It is intended that the webinar will again be of help and use to the WIS community, including competitors, their family and friends, team managers, national staff, experts and national representatives in the field of recovery and rehabilitation. It is also hoped that it will be of interest to a wider audience including organisations with whom the Invictus Games Foundation is engaged, supporters, donors and sponsors.

Programme (timings in BST):
Welcome and Opening Remarks from David Richmond CBE and Dominic Reid OBE Invictus Games Foundation, followed by a message from Brendan Lawlor Ambassador – ISPS Handa

‘Participating Nations, Teams, Competitors – Family & Friends – How we have operated and thrived during the Coronavirus pandemic including examples of challenges being faced by Participating Nations and where assistance is requested.

Session One ‘Improving Lives – Beyond the Games’
Building and Delivering the Improve Pillar of IGF including measures and initiatives implemented during the COVID 19 pandemic. Facilitated by David Wiseman – IGF Director of Grants and Programmes in discussion with key personnel and members of the WIS Community.

The ‘We Are Invictus’ App and Moderator Programme.
The introduction and impact of active esports
The future opportunities through Invictus Endeavours

Session Two ‘Sharing Best Practice through Influencing Research’

Introduction by David Richmond CBE

Sharing Research on Veteran Wellness Alliance, by Kacie Kelly – Deputy Director, Military Service Initiative George W. Bush Presidential Center, including:

Establishing a definition for high quality care for the invisible wounds (i.e. traumatic brain injury/concussion, posttraumatic stress) in partnership with RAND Corp.

Testing a referral process for non-clinical, veteran peer networks to help their peers connect to high quality care for the invisible wounds.
What can social media tell us about veterans wellbeing and how to be smarter about outreach to veterans in need of mental wellbeing resources – a market segmentation approach.

Drawing on Invictus Games Longitudinal Study – Beyond the Finish Line, by Dr Celina Shirazipour – Assistant Professor at Cedars – Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles.

Sharing and identifying best practice amongst Participating Nations in supporting sport recovery including programmes.

The role of advocacy and mentorship among the WIS to give back to the Invictus Community.

The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic amongst the Invictus Community.

1540 -1600
Closing Panel, Discussion and Concluding Comments, all guests, facilitated by David Richmond CBE

Registration: The webinar will again be conducted by Zoom and all attendees will be requested to register for the event.
To register for the event please follow the below link:

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about how to join the webinar.

Summary: It is very much hoped that this fourth iteration of the ’IGF Conversation’ will be of real interest to the Participating Nations and the wider community connected with the Invictus Games. The principal intent is to explain that the work of the IGF is designed to be much more than the Invictus Games themselves. Our hope is that we can show that our impact spans across the journey of recovery and rehabilitation from start to finish for those affected in the international armed forces community and in which the Games are an important but not sole component.

Please do share with your networks and those who might be interested, and look forward to seeing you there!